Mehrafza Mirzazad

About Nik

 I've always been fascinated by the objects that surround us. Born and raised in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I spent my early years building Lego's and drawing. This passion for creating things, lead me to pursue an undergrad degree in 3D Digital Design from RIT. Following graduation, I decided to further explore my passion for creating things and I'm currently enrolled in the Industrial Design MFA program at RIT.  

About Jenna

 Jenna Shay is a Rochester, New York-based graphic designer specializing in design innovations for education and social change. With a background in art history, Jenna’s philosophy is that design must be aware of the past in order to move forward. Some areas of particular interest include information architecture, exhibition design, and digital interfaces in library and museum environments. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design at Rochester Institute of Technology.

About Shwe Sin Win

 Shwe Sin Win is a PhD Candidate in the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at Rochester Institution of Technology, USA.  Her research interests center on understanding different waste management systems (i.e. anaerobic digestion, composting, vermicomposting, and landfills) including: opportunities and challenges of low volume food waste-based anaerobic digestion systems; and value-added product generation from AD and other waste management processes. This research will provide sustainable solutions to address the growing problem of food waste across the global food supply chain (FSC) at every stage, from “farm-to-fork”.  

About Rawan Alsukairi

Rawan Alsukairi is an undergraduate pre-med student majoring in Biomedical science and

Diagnostic Medical Sonography at the College of Health in Science and Technology of RIT.

She accomplished her own independent study of the 12 cranial nerves of the brain on the

Spring semester of 2014-2015. From her study, it amazes her how each one of these nerves

is responsible for carrying different functions related to different senses of the body. She

thinks simply we can’t chew, smell the nice fragrance or taste our food or coffee without them.

She loves anatomy and patient care and she believes it’s important to understand anatomy

and physiology and have a passion to learn about them in order to be able to give the best

health care that our future patients need.  

About Lara Cardoso Goulart​

Lara Goulart is a designer determined to work for a better future, specifically developing a way to connect children to themselves and their families, through play.
She has a Master Degree in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, RIT, USA. She has pursued a dual Bachelor’s Degree in both Product and Graphic Design at the University of Brasilia. 
She thinks designing from a holistic perspective is essential to address cultural, social, economic and environmental needs, as designers are responsible for the consequences of his/her creations on society.

About Jim Kuras

Jim Kuras is a feminist geographer, activist, musician, and consultant for Heart Brain System. His research foci include political uprisings and social movements in Turkey and the Middle East. He completed his MA in geography at UNC Chapel Hill.

About Anna

Anna Laura Schlimm is a multidisciplinary designer and partner at Heart Brain System currently based in London. She is particularly interested in approaching design as a playful and innovative tool to solve complex social and environmental problems. With a background in textile, fashion and material design, her current practice ranges from consultancy, material design and innovation, illustration, graphic design and visual identity to interactive installations. She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Critical Design at Goldsmith’s in London.