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Living conditions in natural disaster areas, war zones, or refugee camps are difficult to adjust to and present challenges for long-term survival.

People in such settings have often lost everything they formerly had and

are in need of basic shelter. Sometimes they may need the shelter that they can live in for months or perhaps even years.

Nest is a prefabricated long-term survival shelter.


It is comprised of two main units which are packaged together during transport.

First, the Entrance Unit supports Nest's wall and bed assembly.

Second, the Serving Unit includes the restroom, bathroom, wardrobe, water tank, piping, drainage, and electricity facilities. Users can assemble

the walls and beds from the package and ready the structure for use.

Fully assembled, Nest has three separate physical spaces.

Nest is made of Corian, a material that is easy to produce, clean, and renovate.

The modularity of the walls helps in the event that replacement becomes

necessary for any wall unit, bed, table, etc.

This modularity also provides for the quick assembly of basic medical centres or schools.

Nests can be set up on top of or next to one other, allowing different configurations according to the needs of specific sites.


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Different configurations

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