Mehrafza Mirzazad

A brand for the future of surplus food

 for Replate


Community Development

Circular economy


Theory of Change



Local Economy




Design Research

System Design

Data Visualization



Brand Strategy


Director & Corporate Secretary at Replate

Design Researcher

User Experience Designer

Founder and CEO 

at  Replate

Replate is a tech nonprofit based in SF. Replate technology matches surplus food from businesses with communities in need, instantly. Since Jan of 2016, Replate created more than quarter a million meals to its community. Replate approached Heart Brain System to adopt the system thinking, circular economy and implement empathy to their company’s culture. They wanted a novel, engaging and approachable brand to increase their impact and empathy in their organization internally and the population they serve externally.


How does Replate work?

Replate is a data-driven technology and a robust logistic system that ensure the delivery of food from donors to recipients. It’s unique web app and iOs and analytics enable it to do so.   


UX/UI Designer

at Replate

Design for social chenge

Heart Brain System creates and design subprograms and their contents to help Replate to communicate and expand their goal and create a network at the organization level and external parties of donors, recipients, and drivers. These programs called Voice of Replate, Voice of Donors, Voice of Recipients and Voice of Impact.  

We designed colorful and independent icons for every program and they help to the audience to identify the programs.


Branding, RePlate, Systemthinking