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Meet Your Brain and Love it! The kit includes an activity for children to cut out and assemble a paper model of the human brain. As Heart Brain System Studio committed to sustainability and circular economy principles, the kit was produced in New York State using non-toxic ink, recycled paper, and wind-turbine energy. 






3D brain
Meet Your Brain

"You have designed a very imaginative and educational project for people of many ages. "

                                                       Chris Cohan, PhD

                                                        Museum of Neuroanatomy


Meet Your Brain is the first playbook of our Heart Brain Kid program.

We designed this playbook to help parents, teachers, grandparents, friends, and grown-up kids introduce the most complex system of the human body to children. 


This playbook includes the following drawing, painting, building, and writing activities:

-Meet your brain

-There is no you without a brain

-The animal story

-Building a 3D nervous system

-Different brains make different people!

-Grow your brain each day

Each activity has been designed to activate different parts of your child's brain and to help him or her adapt system thinking in daily life.

Age Range: 7-12 years







"I am a teacher and I previewed your book, Meet Your Brain. I really think it is helpful for parents, teachers, and parents who are homeschooling their children and are teaching about the brain. I like the format, diagrams, illustrations, writing suggestions, and other activities in your book. Your 3D cut out and assemble brain and spinal cord is awesome. Love it! "

                                                       Sue Kuras, Preschool teacher


system thinking for kids, Meet Your Brain, Brain activity

"This book especially the model is a very great representative of the brain for kids in 6 to 9 years old to be introduced to their own brain and learn about it "

                                                       Roman Kowalchuk, MD, PhD


Busy and Diligent: Some Short Reflections On Keeping Red Worms.

Busy and Diligent tells the story of the author's experiences keeping red worms as part of her master's degree research. The red worms helped her turn her day-to-day kitchen waste into rich organic fertilizer. The book was designed to help children learn about and better understand the generative and circular systems of nature.




system thinking for kids, Meet Your Brain, Brain activity
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