Working on human brain.

People have been asking me over the last few years why am I, as a designer, working on the human brain?

I respond by saying that, as a design researcher, I am trying to better understand people. I am trying to know what their inner motivations are. I am trying to deconstruct their behaviors, feelings, thought processes, and biases in certain contexts. I am trying to understand what goes on in our brains and what it is that makes our emotional decisions stronger than our cognitive decisions.

Design is a complex and definitely not linear process. It requires a mix of talent and knowledge. Empathizing with people is crucial in this process. Without understanding ourselves (as humans), our biology, and the psychology behind all of what we say, act, feel, and think, we cannot find holistic solutions to complex problems around us. Applying hard science research into design processes in academia sounds very useful and impactful, but, in an industry which moves fast, it perhaps does not sound practical. I am exploring ways to create analytical techniques which could help synthesize rules for designers to make cognitive science practical in everyday design processes.

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